About Seopa

Our partners include large household insurance brand names, small niche players in the insurance market, and other affinity partners with popular websites who make use of our reliable comparison technologies.

Insurance Partners

We currently work with a panel of close to 400 brokers and brands ranging from big name brands such as Admiral Group, Swinton, Hastings Direct, AXA and More Th>n as well as specialist insurance providers covering niche products. Over 100 companies are featured on our real-time comparison solutions for car, van, bike, home, pet, breakdown and travel insurance, while others generate business from leads we provide for more than 90 niche products.

Some of our partners include:

Affinity Partners

Seopa offer affinity partnership deals to other businesses where we provide the technology to enable them to bring comparison solutions to their website users. This allows our affinity partners to increase both the number of visitors to their websites and the revenue generated from each visitor. As we too run our own successful public facing comparison brands we are in a strong position to understand the needs of our partners and work closely with them to find the best possible solutions.

"Seopa helped us launch an innovative new service integrating car insurance comparison with cashback. Their flexibility and professionalism allowed us to bring Quidco Compare to market in a way which lets our customers search, compare and get great deals all in one place."

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Comparison Systems

Join our comparison panels for car, van, bike, home, travel, breakdown or pet insurance.

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Lead Purchasing

We offer a range of systems to help connect brokers with customers online and offline.

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Affinity Partnerships

We offer a range of affinity deals from simple affiliate referrals to bespoke integrated solutions.