We provide simple affiliate links, co-branded quote solutions, full white-label comparison solutions, and bespoke affinity partnerships allowing other businesses to generate revenue using our systems*.

*subject to partner sites meeting appropriate legal and regulatory requirements

Seopa leads the way in providing bespoke insurance price comparison solutions for partner companies allowing them to present a fully integrated solution for use by their website visitors. Our systems have helped add a new dimension to many large websites without upsetting the overall user experience.

How it works

Affinity partners can talk to us first of all to find the best solution for their business needs. In some cases a simple affiliate link to our site will suffice, and in others a more complex tailored solution is required where we can adapt and develop our technology to deliver what is needed in line with our partner's regulatory status. When this has been decided upon our IT team can get to work taking care of the coding and design of the proposed solution so our partners' website can reap the rewards of utilising our systems.

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