Our niche product systems produce over 10,000 insurance leads per month putting brokers and insurers in touch with the right customers for anything from horsebox to office insurance.

Our data leads are genuine enquires from users actively seeking insurance cover. We can provide large numbers of leads for up to 50 different niche insurance products including health, life, business, caravan, motor home, horsebox, catering van, courier and many more!

How it works

Brokers or insurers who wish to purchase leads can contact us and commercial terms are agreed, this will vary depending on the products required. Leads are generated though our various marketing sources and passed to the broker in real time when their criteria are met. The broker can then call the customer to provide a quote and make a sale paying Seopa for each generated lead.

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Comparison Systems

Join our comparison panels for car, van, bike, home, travel, breakdown or pet insurance.

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Lead Purchasing

We offer a range of systems to help connect brokers with customers online and offline.

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Affinity Partnerships

We offer a range of affinity deals from simple affiliate referrals to bespoke integrated solutions.